Tobuscus Adventures: Wizards (upcoming app/PC game)


Tobuscus Adventures: Wizards is a game funded by Indiegogo.  This game is based on a animated Youtube mini-show called Tobuscus Adventures. This game is really all about killing Zombies with Wizardry and you get to play as Animated!Tobuscus. You gather pages to build a spellbook either through levels or upgrades as you kill Zombies. When getting a new spell, you draw its symbol or gesture on the device and PC. Tobuscus Adventures: Wizards will be a multi-platform game that should be out on iOS, Android, and PC through Steam. As of right now, the campaign is over and the development of the game is being worked on. If everything goes as planned and TOBY DOESN’T ADD IN MORE THINGS, this game should be out this Halloween.


(The first in-game photo leak of the first beta. This photo will be removed when a newer beta photo is posted.)

If you’re a fan of World of Warcraft and/or the original Warcraft, you might like this game as well. It has similar gameplay and gestures a you play through the game. There are 20-30 levels of pure nerdy widzerness, it’s a fast past game so that the player wouldn’t be bored after hours of playing it. This game is still being updated so some parts of the game and the way you play might change just a little.


You get to play as Animated!Tobuscus throughout the game, but Toby has said that he would like to make Animated!Gabuscus a playable character or at least have him in the game. Gryphon, Toby Turner’s dog, will be a character as well (sadly, not a playable one) and he will be as deadly as hell but cute as the same time. Just like in Toby’s vlogs.

Screenshot_1(An idea of what the Zombies might look like.)

When it’s released there will be a free and paid version of the game. As for as I know, as an app, the game will only be $8. This price might change and it might be a different for PC. If you are an Audience Member, then most of you would want this game. For me, I would totally try out the free version when it gets out on iOS and Android. I do not know, right now, what’s the difference between the paid and free game but there has to be something or else there wouldn’t be two versions.


I’m really proud of Toby for making one of his huge dreams become reality. Being an Audience member myself, I can’t really can’t wait for this game and I wish the release date was a lot sooner.

Tobuscus (Main Channel)
TobyTurner (Vlog Channel)
TobyGames (Gaming Channel)
Indiegogo Campaign
Tobuscus Adventures: Wizards Wiki Page




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